Aug 13, 2007

Giving Back

I know I’ve said this before, but Freecycle is a wonderful thing! Over the weekend, I went through a bunch of my stuff and listed it on Freecycle. Books, computer keyboard, indoor grill, bicycle, children’s toy kitchen, clothes, breadmaker... They’re all going to new homes.

I met a lady that my heart went out to: She, her husband, and their 7yr daughter moved here from Chicago three years ago. She told me where she lived before had 21 murders in one week! The girl’s bicycle was to be for her daughter. The night before she came to pick it up, their car was repo’d. Apparently, her husband had brain surgery in April and hadn’t been able to work. Since they had no car, the lady had planned on riding the girl’s bike to wherever she needed to go. After the bike was picked up, I got to thinking that I had an adult bike in the garage that I hadn’t ridden in 6yrs. S had the same thought as me: Give her the bike! So I emailed her back and she walked to my house once again to get the adult bike. She was very grateful, and I it made me feel good giving back to someone less fortunate to me.

Another lady asked for the breadmaker and clothes. In her email, she said she’d bring me more cucumbers and zucchini if I wanted it. Way cool! A couple weeks ago, she’d put an ad on Freecycle about excess cucumbers and I got some then. I just used the last of them to make refrigerator pickles.

Yup. Freecycle is a great place to give/receive to keep things from cluttering up the landfills. Join your local Freecycle by going to!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow that is awesome. What a story!

Mel said...

Freecycle is awesome!! When we moved into our house in january we had a field full of fencing and wood old tub, bicycles just tons of stuff--it has happily all found homes thanks to the greatness of freecycle!! my kids were given a piano by my boss to bang on and i got some learn to play books from freecycle!

glenda said...

Ok, you finally talked me into it. I just joined freecycle as I have a monitor I don't know what to do with as it is too heavy for me to carry!