Aug 18, 2007

What Is This?

OK, here's a little quiz for you... What is this a picture of?

In addition to your guess, you have to make up a little background story to go with your answer.

The answer has to be specific. For instance, "clothing" is too generic. You have to say what *kind* of clothing. Saying "Clothing I that was found at Walmart" is too generic for the story. Think: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. Of course, we all know this is not clothing!!

Use your imagination!

The winner will receive something from my stash, so be sure to leave your email address! If there's more than one with the correct answer, names will be put into a hat and one winner will be drawn.

To qualify, you have to leave your answer, and the story that goes along with it in a comment on this blog. If you don't have a blogger account, you can sign in under "Anonymous"... just remember to sign your name so I know who you are. :) Contest ends August 25th.


Anonymous said...

Meari, It a lawnmower motor and it's actually the ehadpart of the lawmower. Hee Hee

The Lawnmower Saga:
Sam,had blown the motor on his lawn mower and wanted nothing more than to fix it but the problem was his truck had a dead battery and his wife was gone cross stitch shopping. It would take hours for her to return home. He asked his neighbor Hank to help him but Hank said that there was a DMC Floss Sale at the nearest Hobby Lobby that he had to take his wife to and Sam told him "Hey maybe we can strike up deal, I'll call my wife on her cell phone and ask her to pick up the floss for your wife and you can take me to pick up or at least order the parts for the lawmower."
Hank thought about this for a moment and said "OKay but let me ask my wife what she needs>"
Twenty minutes later he returned with a list of DMC Floss numbers his wife needed. Sam calls his wife and tells her the situation and gives her the list of numbers."
Later Sam's wife calls HIS cell phone and says that while she was able to get the floss and also her own patterns and kits she found another cross stitch store in the next town over she she wouldn't be home any time soon. Sam tells her NOT to spend too much money as he needed parts for his lawn mower that has to be ordered. She tells him that well the parts for the lawn mower can't be as much as the parts we'll need for the car or the mechanic's bill and towing fee because she had a little fender bender while she was admiring the stash she bought but all was well the tow truck driver was dropping her off at the cross stitch shop and all Sam had to do was get a new battery for his truck and pick her up at the next town over.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man! How does one top Pamela??? *lol*

Off to think up my version ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

The picture is of an engine head & based on your history, it has to be a lawnmower head. ;o) So, here goes:

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a girl named Kelli who lived a life not unlike Cinderella's as she had the job of cutting the grass at her home, along with many other household chores. Unlike Cinderella, though, she wasn't looking for a prince with a glass slipper - she lived for her music and her iPod. One day, she was cutting the grass, singing along with Michael Buble on her iPod, when she realized the lawnmower was no longer working. Unable to figure out why and in the midst of a Kelli moment (aka a "blonde moment") she asked her wicked stepfather "why did it stop?" In the past, this had happened because Kelli forgot to add gas to the mower ... but, not so this time. Nope, this time the mower's head had cracked. Oh no! What was she to do? The grass HAD to be cut or her iPod would be taken away! Kelli, being the resourceful girl she could be, went next door & borrowed their mower while her stepfather wearily toted the mower to the repair shop. She finished cutting the grass & her iPod was safe for another day!!

Anonymous said...

Oops .. so caught up in my storytelling I was - I forgot to add my email address! Talk about a "Kelli moment"! It is:

Cute idea, Meari!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! How did you get a picture of my brain with a screw not just loose but actually gone? I was doing great til one day I started to feel funny & everytime I moved my head I thought I heard a rattling noise. I became clumsy, forgetful, kind of ditzy....... Oh wait a minute, I'm blonde. So maybe that isn't a picture of my brain you have there. LOL!!!!
Betty in AZ (from ILCS group)

mercygrace said...

Hi Meari:

I think that Mr. Cross Stitch was having trouble with his car because he saw a lot of radiator fluid on the ground so he decided to fix his "Radiator"

My answer is "Radiator"

Anita Sorrells said...

I am going to say lawnmower as well, and hear is the story that goes along with it.

One day, while outside mowing your lawn and the neighbors because it is six feet too high, you start to hear strange sounds coming from the lawnmower. Suddenly a great POP zing zang and the lawn mower stops. Upon further inspection you see that a screw has shot out from the lawnmower, and it no longer will run. Angry you put the thing away and head to your house for some lemondade. Hours later, you are interrupted while stitching, by a knock on your door. You open the door to a policeman on the other side. "Meari," he says "You need to come with me". He huals you off to the police station where you are finally told that you have been charged with murder by lawnmower for the death of your next door neighbor, who was found sitting by the window with a screw in her head. All who knew the anomosity, had to the police you had done it. But when it gets time to go before the judge, he thanks you for your act of bravory, and the city rewards you with a city key for keeping the pests out of the neighborhood.

Corny...but true... LOL

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in a otherwise quite corner of a town lived Mr & Mrs Stressful. On an amiable block in a small community where one good turn deserved another, Mr & Mrs Stressful enjoyed living upto their name. Their greatest joy is find new ways to make the neighbor, Meari, very un-merry. They have been very successful tormenting Meari with various schemes but they heard a rumor that she will be moving soon.

Mr. Stressful loved watching Meari work up a good sweat moaning the lawn. And Mrs. Stressful loved see just how high Meari would let the grass grow when it was their turn to do their part. This couple has never been wrapped too tight and were missing more than a few screws in their thought process. So in their attempt to unravel Meari they thought why not remove a few of her screws, bolts, and a few odd parts. Ok now where do you think they put them? What other damage do you think they have cooked up. Stay tuned for Neighbors from Hell the Final chapter, soon to be followed by "Meari's Revenge".

Mare (ILCS)