Dec 25, 2007

12 Days of Christmas - Family Style

Last year when I participated in the 12 Days of Christmas Exchange on the CSC MB, my sister asked what it was all about. Being the great sister and aunt that I am (LOL), I bought her 12 presents for my sister and niece to open last year. This year, she called me up asking where her 12 Days of Christmas presents were. LOL So we decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas exchange. Here are the gifties I received so far:

DAY ONE - a star ornie made of twigs with little pine cones and holly on it. My niece picked it out.

DAY TWO - a devil antenna ball from my niece (Is she trying to tell me something?). Actually she picked it out because it matched my car, which is red. However, there's a bit of a snafu... I don't have an antenna. LOL, so I'm going to fashion up something so I can hang it. Isn't that little tail cute? We're still trying to figure out why the devil has wings. LOL From my sister I got a toothpick holder from her new "home" town. That'll come in handy at Christmas.

DAY THREE - a mini meat tenderizer that's actually a magnet. It's heavy just like the real thing. My niece picked it out, but my sister seems to think it's a good weapon for the next BF who does me wrong. LOL... She so funny! From my sister I got a neat little keychain. Awww :) She wuvs me!

DAYS FOUR thru TWELVE - OK, with the holiday right on my tail, I admit that I don't remember which gifts were for which days so here goes:

How cool are these? Velcro craft bags! As my sister said: Stash Bags!

New niece picked these out. I have an electronic dart board.

Candles and holders. These worked great for the Christmas dinner table.

There's more, but I need to take pics... stay tuned!


Jenna said...

Heh-heh. Love that antenna ball. ;)