Dec 15, 2007

Date Night Revisited

M and I finally were able to reschedule our (second) date on Friday night. He arrived in downtown Rockford before I did, so he hung out at a local pub waiting for me. After I called to tell him I was downtown, he could see me parking and walked to greet me. As you know, we've had a lot of snow and ice. He helped me out of my car and across the ice so that I wouldn't fall. What a great excuse to hold my hand, eh? ;-) He held my hand until we found a restaurant we wanted to try out.

We decided on Zambuca Coffee House and Piano Bar. It's a small upscale place with live jazz musicians and pianist. At times it was difficult for me to hear what M was saying, but we managed. The food was excellent.

After dinner, we decided to catch the new Will Smith flick "I Am Legend". During our walk back to the cars, M held onto my hand so I wouldn't fall. Did I mention I was wearing high heels? He helped me into my car and then followed me to the theater. Interesting observation... M and I were two of maybe (MAYBE) 5 others over the age of 30 in a packed theater audience to see this movie. Talk about feeling old!! About the movie... The trailer clips seen on TV do not do the movie justice. It was suspenseful and a bit unnerving, as well as scary. I'll admit that I was startled at least 8 times during the movie (ahem... so did M, a few times). There were a couple of sad/moving parts in the movie as well. During the entire movie, M held my hand. :) Isn't that sweet?

Oh, and he did bring me a 40lb bag of salt which he refused to let me pay for.


glenda said...

Ok. I will start the voting. I give 5 points to M. (helping you out of the care, helping you on the ice, the salt, and 2 for holding your hand during the movie)

at the end of the contest we will tally up the points and have our winner ROFLMAO :)

so glad you had a nice evening. you needed someone to take care of you for a change!

Deirdre said...

He sounds like a wonderful guy:) Glad you were able to reschedule the date night.

Thanks for the movie preview! I really want to see it!

Shelleen said...

what a great date you had and my 15 year old wants to see that movie and I love Will Smith.

Jenna said...

M sounds like a complete gentleman. How nice and refreshing!