Dec 22, 2007

Beyond the Call of Duty

I am sooooo nice to my clients. It's no wonder why they love me. Yes, I often go above and beyond what is necessary to service my clients. (Hmmm... that sounds naughty! LOL)

Remember, I offerred to do bonuses for the client previously mentioned? He had some time issues in regards to picking up the stuff from me, and he didn't want to take anymore time than he already did. He offered to pick up the data at my house, or wherever he could catch up with me later in the day on Saturday. Normally, I don't allow clients to have my personal info, but I've known the guy for close to 18yrs and he's a well known businessman in our community. He came, picked up, and went. He was really appreciative of all that I did.

15 minutes later... My doorbell rings.

My client is standing out there in the pouring rain. In his hand is an envelope. He went and bought me a gift certificate to one of the upscale restaurants in town... for going "above and beyond". How nice is that?


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Aww, that is so sweet!

Kathy said...

Being nice and going beyond the call of duty does pay off. You have testament to that. Great job.

glenda said...

Glad to hear he appreciated your efforts!

Barbara said...

So nice of him to really appreciate all your work. Enjoy your meal at the restaurant - you deserve it!!!
Barb in TX

Sweet Pea said...

Isn't it wonderful to have your work recognized and appreciated?

Jenna said...

It's not often that people get their hard work recognized, so congratulations!