Dec 9, 2007

Another Date Night

I was surprised and flattered that T wanted together after a year of not seeing each other, or keeping in contact. We'd gone out on a couple of dates earlier in the year and they went fine. On those dates, he was very nice, and very polite. Since the weather was supposed to be bad, we decided to have a bottle of wine while watching a movie at my house. (He brought the wine and paid for the movie.) We had a hard time picking out a movie at Blockbuster, but finally decided on Fracture with Anthony Hopkins. Good flick. After the movie, T and I got to talking... and talking... and talking. Next thing we know, it's 1am! He had a long drive home, so he gave me a hug and we called it night. Early this morning, I received a text message from him telling me what a great time he had. :)


Chiloe said...

Hope it will take you to a great journey ;-)

Terry said...

Sounds like you had a nice evening.

Sweet Pea said...

Those kinds of evenings are the best - comfortable and nice - not so much pressure.