Dec 27, 2007

Ever have... of those days where it’s 8:30am and you’re wondering “Will this day EVER end?”

By 5am, I heard snow plows go by my house no less than 4 times. With my eyes still closed, I think to myself: “How much snow is out there?!?”

So I crawl outta bed and am greeted by a happy little dog. Oh wait, she’s not happy to see me. She just has to go potty. LOL

I put on boots and whatever clothes I can find (not in that order). Dog in tow, we stumble back toward the garage. I cable out the dog and grab the shovel. Half the driveway and an hour later, I head back into the house to get ready for work. Why is the dog so happy at 6am??!!

The important question of the morning... To shave my legs, or not shave my legs? LOL Since I have a date tonight, I decide to shave my legs. Now, one would think I’d be smart about this... but after all it’s 6am. I kept the water running while doing the dreaded chore, and ended up using too much hot water. You know where this is going, right? Yep, I didn’t have enough hot water for my entire shower. What an eye opener it is to rinse the conditioner out of your hair with cold water running down your entire body. If I weren’t awake from shoveling snow, by golly... I am at this point!

I blow dry my hair... which now looks like a bride-of-frankenstein do. Clock says 7:40am. Crap. I still need to flat iron my hair. I can’t go into work with a BOF do. I’d scare all the clients away. In 15 minutes, I manage to tame the mane… at least enough so it’s not so scary.

8:10am... I walk into work. All lights are off. My coworkers opened the doors but didn’t turn on any lights. It’s a good thing we’re open for business. HELLO!

I kick off my boots and head for the server room to change the backup tape. I’m grabbed by a coworker who needs Binding 101 lessons... For personal stuff. Hmmm... How personal? I ask. LOL I also ask: “Can I at least put my shoes on?”

I spend the next 15min binding booklets for her. While doing so, I manage to scrape and gouge the back of my hand. Nice. I swirl back in time to a place where it was my job to bind and look at every single freakin page of the booklets for copier smudges... Ack! My cell starts ringing. Crap, I forgot to put it on vibrate. I quickly check who it is before hitting the ignore button. Finish the binding job and send my pleased coworker on her happy way.

8:30am... Put phone on vibrate. Check message. It’s M. Don’tcha just love it when guys get to the point where they’re calling and saying: “Hi, it’s me.” LOL Yes, I got one of those. It’s a good thing I know who “me” is. My sister asked me: Did you know which ONE it was? LOL She so funny.

Sans makeup, poofy hair, arms aching from snow shoveling, gouged hand and I’m wondering: Will this day ever end?


Anita Sorrells said...

:( What a horrible, no good very bad day that sounded like! I have a book like that for the kids you know...LOL Hope it got better for you, or at least you were able to sleep on it, and get up on a different side the next day :)

Terry said...

Hate days like that; it's better to go back to bed and get up again but make sure it's the NEXT day when you get up. (Skip the day entirely as you need the sleep anyways!) Yeah, sounds good but it never happens at my house either!

Deirdre said...

That always seems to be my Mondays! I hate Mondays!

Barbara said...

On days like that, remember you can start your day over at any point in the day. Just shrug off what's taken place so far and begin again. Sounds easy, huh? Not on your life, but it's a good theory anyway. Hope your day improves.
Barb in TX

stitcherw said...

Wow, you're day really did start off downhill and keep going. Hopefully it all hit in one day and the rest will be easier going.

I'm so glad Christmas day at your place turned out well and you got your Christmas picture.

glenda said...

Holy cow, girl! You should have stayed in bed for sure! Nice of "Agent M" to call, but that seems horribly early for a social visit.

Take it easy, get some conditioner on that wild mane and stop the crazy binding!!