Dec 14, 2007

Date Night Cancelled

My dinner date the other night was cancelled because he ended up working later than he thought. When he called to ask for a raincheck, he was still at work. He called last night to see if we could do it then, but since I was still in Madison, it was a no go.

Interestingly enough, I received text messages or phone calls from both guys I've been on dates recently. Both sent good wishes for my Dad and asked how he was doing. (Do ya think my brothers called or texted? Nope. OK, OK... I'll get off that soapbox. LOL)

On my way home from Madison last night, I received a text message from S: "Do you have another guy on the line yet?" I ignored it, but thought to myself: Why would he care?


Jenn L. at Needleful Things said...

Because he thinks that if you've found someone else, you've moved on and he's off the hook. And cause he's a stupid idiot who thinks only of himself. And probably doinking someone else at the same time.

You're SOOOOOOO much better off without him.

Kendra said...

Sounds like he's either jealous or like jenn said above, he's trying to cover his butt...if you've got someone else, then he's off the hook for behaving like an immature jerk.

Keep ignoring him. He's not worth your time!


Deirdre said...

Because he has realized that he lost someone really special by acting like a jerk!

I am glad to hear you have other more delightful prospects:)

Kathy said...

S is a jerk. Continue to ignore him. He is not even worth a text message response.

glenda said...

How many freakin' times do you have to kick that guy to the curb?? He just keeps slithering back! unreal.

Jenna said...

Ahh, the immaturity just keeps rearing its ugly head when it comes to S. Fortunately, you can ignore text messages more easily than anything else. ;)
I hope that your dad is doing better now.