Dec 22, 2007


Saturday before Christmas and where was I? At work. On Fri, I was way busy trying to get work done that normally would be taken care of on Mon and Tues. Since there's a holiday (and the work STILL needed to be done... time sensitivity, gotta love it), I was "volunteered" to be in the office on Sat, to work on a proposal for new business. Can't tell the boss "no", can I? ;-) Since I knew I was going to be in the office, I gave a client the option to give me information for year end bonuses he wanted to hand out at a Christmas party. Waffling... talk about frustrating. The client was indecisive as to what to give and whether to give. When I finally received the data, I was also informed: "There was another shooting today." Ack! Of course, I peppered the client with questions (wondering in my head how he knew). He wouldn't give me any info because he didn't know what had been released to the public yet.

Turns out the second shooting was related to the first one. Both shootings are believed to be part of a "blood feud" between two rival criminal groups in the area, and the incidents are part of a boarder investigation.

The second shooting occurred near the juvenile facility and county jail on the far east side of town. A woman was shot while driving her car by 3 men in another car... again drive-by style. Her injuries are not life threatening and she was taken to a local hospital. No arrests have been made yet.