Sep 27, 2006

How Times Have Changed

“What are some of the things you remember growing up (candy, fashion, electronics, etc.)?

Growing up, we weren’t stressed out by being in every activity under the sun – and we knew how to use our imagination to find “things to do” without getting into trouble. We played outside, rode bikes, and camped in the backyard by making our own tents out of blankets. We built tree houses out of scrap wood and bent nails that we straightened.

Atari was the hottest video game system on the market. My Dad was pretty proud of himself to be able to buy one for us, which I’m sure wasn’t an easy task. We were happy with the rudimentary graphics!

Remote control TV’s and VCR’s came into being. We had 3 channels on the TV to watch – my parents still only watch 3 channels, as do I. TV shows I watched growing up: ALF, Bosom Buddies, Diff'rent Strokes, The Dukes of Hazzard, Facts of Life, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Knots Landing, Dallas, MacGyver, Miami Vice, Night Court, Who's The Boss. We also watched reruns of MASH, Happy Days, and I Love Lucy.

Microwaves were new. I remember my parents trying to figure out how to use one... trying recipes out of the cookbook that came with every one... exploding an egg all over the inside because they didn’t know you had to poke a hole in the shell. LOL

I learned to type on a manual typewriter. By the time I finished high school, electric typewriters were the norm. Computers were becoming more and more popular. On holidays from school, students were allowed to “check out” and take home computers. I would drag an entire system home on the bus every chance I could get. Instant messaging was done on the computer – an early version of email. There was no internet.

My first car had an 8-track player, cost $300, and was 11 years old. My Dad actually had 8-track tapes! LPs and cassettes were popular. There was no such thing as MP3s or music downloading. We spent time in front of the radio and taped music from there onto cassettes.

There was no caller ID, answering machines, or call waiting. The telephone was only used when you absolutely had to. My parents still don’t like talking on the phone, let alone leaving a message on voicemail. If it weren’t for caller ID, I wouldn’t know they call.

Big hair was all the rage. Bobbie socks with high heels and short skirts. Polo shirts, stirrup pants (Glad those for the most part are gone!), parachute pants, and paint-splattered jean jackets were just some of the fashions. Oh, and let’s not forget the Michael Jackson glove and red jacket!


Anonymous said...

When I grew up there was no video games, no cable T.V., no computers, no internet, no electronic games at all. We only got 3 channels and they were hard to see. Play time for us was riding our bikes and running around outside or indoors playing board games or with our toys.

~Velda said...

well I was going to answer the question but all I have to say is DITTO! We must be around the same age! Except we never had a microwave, not sure if we were just poor or if they weren't around yet lol