Dec 31, 2007

More Snow

Arrived home from work tonight. Three more inches. Had to shovel the incline before I could get up the driveway. Two hours later, I had half the driveway shoveled. Had to quit shoveling because my bicep muscles were aching from having to throw the snow up on top of the small ski slope I've created in my front yard. Winter is so much fun! LOL


Kathy said...

I know how frustrating winter can be when you are a homeowner. To put it into perspective, think of it this way "What would it be like if you were still living next door to the neighbors from hell?"

When you think of it that way, I am sure that you would rather be shoveling your own driveway instead of your rential driveway and having to deal with those neighbors.

Julie R said...

I think I would invest in a small snowblower. ;)

Miokka said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now & enjoy your posts. so sorry you have to deal with all that snow! Reminds me of an oldie joke that wnet around years ago about the couple that moved north for their first winter, the first snow was beautiful, they so enjoyed shoveling the drive and waved at the snow plow as he covered up the drive entrance...the next day wasn't as fun as the first and so on and so on till it was $%#^%&(^ every other word regarding snow and the snow plow driver!
Hope your winter doesn't go that way! Stay warm! Happy New Year & Happy stitching!