Feb 8, 2008

Another Four(th) and Potential Disaster Averted

5:00am - Crawl outta bed with the good intentions of getting my aerobic workout in before having to haul myself to work. Even put on my new exercise outfit (which btw, is size SMALL! Unbelievable.)

5:10am - Celeste insists that she needs to go outside for potty. *sigh* OK, if you must...

5:11am - I see it snowed last night. Another 1/4" on the driveway. (So much for the Fat Burning Pilates aerobic DVD.) No rest for the weary, eh Shove?

6:05am - Back in the house from shoveling... or rather, scraping the driveway. Shower and start getting ready for work.

If you're not familiar with my mode of operation... I'm a multi-tasker. I do various things (usually household chores) while getting ready for work. Today, while the flat iron was heating up, I decided to touch up my pedicure... in the living room, while watching the Today Show.

Left foot.... done. Right foot... Pinky toe done. *O-M-F-G!* Ack!! I knocked the nail polish bottle off the table. Red nail polish. It hit the carpet, bounced, splattered about 18" across the floor, and then spilled and made a puddle about the size of a baseball card... before I could grab it and stop anymore from coming out of the bottle.

Mottled white/gray/black berber carpet with a huge nail polish mess right where everyone could see it! Nail polish all over my hand from grabbing the bottle. My mind was racing: How do I get this cleaned up with the least amount of damage/mess??! My first instinct was to use nail polish remover and paper towels to blot up as much as possible. While doing that, names of carpet cleaning places ran though my head... Who could I call to clue me in on how to clean the carpet?! Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper.

After I used all my nail polish remover, I grabbed Goo Gone and read the bottle. "Do not use on carpet. It may loosen the backing." I rationalized with the bottle: What's worse? Having to replace the carpet because of the big red mess... Or, having to replace the carpet because the backing came loose? Would it really matter if the backing came loose if the mess is in the middle of the floor? I took the gamble and used GG very sparingly with an old towel and rubbed and rubbed until every bit of polish was gone. The stuff cleaned it all! I was in disbelief!! It took a long time, but I couldn't tell that I'd spilled polish on it.

After work, I am going to use some Dawn dishwashing liquid on the area to clean up the oily residue from the GG. Then I'm going to shampoo the area. Hopefully, no one will be able to see what I did.

I did manage to get some polish on the front of the sofa and it wouldn't come out, even with the GG. So I don't know what to do about that.

7:50am - I left for work. What a way to start my day. LOL


Vicki said...

Ack! Definitely not a good start to your morning. Glad that you were able to get the polish out of your carpet. Loved your rationalization about the GG...sounds like a conversation I would have had. LOL

Chiloe said...

Get a sofa cover !!! lol What a busy life you have and you are not even maried or have kids ;-) But I like to read all about this busy life: spring is going to be so boring when you'll tell us you have just used your broom to clean up your driveway !!! ;-)

Marita said...

Great job cleaning up the carpet. I would have had no idea.

I often multi task and if I'm the least bit tired I end up making disasters.

With all that shovelling who needs an aerobic workout.

Size Small :: three cheers :: congratulations, that is something to be happy about.

Kendra said...

Goo Gone is *awesome*! It ranks right up there with Mom Spit as THE end-all, be-all stuff-n-stain remover. :-)

Sharon said...

What a way to start your day! I am glad you were able to get it out!

stitcherw said...

I'm so glad that it came out of the carpet for you. I've never tried GG, but based on your comments I think I'm going to get some to keep on hand for just in case. As to the couch, what about getting a cover you like and keeping it on all the time, then taking off for something special? It won't help the spot that is already there now, but may help prevent another one later. I have a cover on mine all the time and then just take it off when someone is coming over. With all my furbabies it really helps keep the fur level down and the couch presentable when it needs to be.