Feb 15, 2008

NIU Shooting Update

Latest news reports say 21 people were hurt in the shooting yesterday. Investigators recovered 48 shell casings and six shotgun shells. 6 including (including the gunman, who was a former graduate student) have died.

News reports have released the 27-year old shooter's name and photo, as well as the names of a few students who have died from their injuries. Still no motive has been determined as to why this academically awarded, outstanding student would such a thing. Authorities are saying he stopped taking meds and started acting erractically. What meds and what condition is not being shared, yet.

As I watch the reports, my heart goes out to those students and families. It upsets me to watch; I can't even fanthom the emotional toll it's taking on those who were on campus.


Sherry said...

I'm so glad to see your post and know that this was not the school you are attending now. That was what I was thinking last night - is that Meari's school? You are in my thoughts and prayers even if it's not your school.