Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I don’t know about most, but the endless commercials on TV and radio telling you to “Give the very best of...” are really getting old. It’s not that I’m against Valentine’s Day or giving presents. IMO, these commercials give men the easy way out on coming up with a gift. Jewelry and candy are always nice (I LOVE both), but what about thinking outside the box? Does one really have to spend a ton of money to let someone know you care? Seriously, the best gifts I’ve received from men were the ones where they put a lot of thought and effort into them, and not a lot of money. (Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can carefully step down off my soapbox. LOL)

Single and alone on Valentine’s Day? Instead of focusing on the absence of a special someone, think about all the people/things you DO have. Here’s just some of the things I have going for me:

Family and Friends
Place to Live
Food to Eat
Income, Enjoyable Coworkers
Pet who adores me
Good Health
Ability to Read, Write, and Talk
Educational Opportunities
Sense of Humor
Can See, Hear, Smell and Touch the sights and sounds of nature
Transportation to Places I wasn’t/need to go
Empathetic and Caring to those around me

As a singleton, I feel pretty good today. I’ve sent virtual bouquets to several of my friends and cross stitch pals. I’ve sent Valentine sentiments to family and friends via text message and IM. When I arrived at work, there was a heart-shaped sugar cookie on my desk. One of my coworkers gave each of us one. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, our firm is having a “Chocolate Frenzy” and we were given a big box of chocolates along with a handmade Valentine card. (How nice!) Tonight, I am going to see “Definitely, Maybe.” at the theater. Possibly dinner, afterwards.


stitcherw said...

I agree, Valentine's Day has gotten way to commercial with the focus on the present rather than the thought. Oh well, looking at what they've done to the other holidays it isn't surprising. I really like your idea of putting the card under his seat so you could text him today to say look, good timing and low key. Have fun at the movie. I haven't seen it yet, but it is on my list as it looks quite cute.

Jennifer said...

I think you have exactly the right attitude! And while Valentine's Day may have gotten too commercialized and focusing on the gifts, I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment that it's just a Hallmark holiday businesses are shoving down our throats. If you don't agree with it, why not focus on the love you DO have in your life instead of worrying about flowers and gifts? I think if more people adopted an attitude like yours instead of complaining about commercialization, the world would be a better place.

Rene la Frog said...

This is our 30th Valentines Day together and over the years we have always kept it very simple and fun, even goofy some years. This year Tracy gave a adorable stuffed frog and a chocolate frog with gummy bugs inside. I got him a solid chocolate fish that says "I'm Hooked on You". Silly little things but they show our love for each other.

glenda said...

Great post, Meari! I have never liked Valentine's Day, even when i wasn't single - way too much that's "expected". takes all the fun out of expressing your love.
After reading your list, I made one of my own :)
PS: Loved the bouquet - thanks :)

Nancy said...

Quite right about the whole day, puts so much expectation into women's minds. I think it's a day Hallmark and the jewelry stores went into kahoots together! I saw Definitely, Maybe on Valentines night with our whole staff while in Savannah!! I liked it, what did you think about it???

Barbara said...

I quite agree about Valentine's Day. Never have enjoyed this day, even when I was married. I really did enjoy your virtual bouquet. That was so sweet of you. Thanks so much and I wish you a wonderful day - every day!!!
Barb in TX