Feb 26, 2008

Only 2/10ths Away

LOL, I wonder what Celeste would think about Maxine's thought of the day?

As predicted, we got another 3-4" of snow last night. Heavy stuff, too... Practically need an endloader to move it! I appreciate that snowblower more than ever. (Thanks J, for thinking of me!!)

I got up at 5am and spent the next 2 1/2 hours clearing my driveway. "Shove" helped a little... clearing the steps and the areas the snowblower couldn't reach.

As of midnight, we have had 63.2" of snow this meteorological winter. Another 2/10" and the 2007/2008 snowfall will surpass the 1978/1979 winter record. Somehow, I think we'll beat that record seeing as forecasters are calling for more snow on Thur/Fri and then again on Sun.

Here are some snow pics from today:

As you can see, I still have the mountain in the front yard.
It's expanded all the way over to the pine tree. The
mountain is about 5 1/2 feet tall by the light and tapers off to
4 feet over by the tree. This is not from blowing or drifting
snow -- It's from clearing the driveway of all the snow I've
gotten this winter. Ski bunnies?

Here's the bunny hill. It, too, has expanded and takes up about a
10ft section of the backyard. Celeste likes to play "Queen of the Mountain"
and climbs to the top to observe her "court". Silly dog!

South view of my street


stitcherw said...

We lucked out this time, only about 2 inches, although we could get some more later. Sorry you got nailed with it again, you've certainly had reason to appreciate your snowblower this year, what great timing that worked out to be.

Lisa said...

We only got 6 inches this past weekend delivered courtesy of 'Destiny' here in SW Ct, Meari. LOL @ that cartoon, Celeste stay inside! Lisa :-)

Chiloe said...

Have you thought about moving out? lol After the winter, you won't even want a man in your life, you'll be in love with your snowblower and will want to marry him !!! lol

Kathryn said...

Your snow posts make me SO glad that I moved away from Illinois thirty years ago. Yes, I shoveled snow as a kid, but even here in Vegas, where we have had snowflakes from time to time, it never lasts long enough to actually shovel.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Brrrrr! I'm a spoiled southern Californian and cannot fathom dealing with that on a daily basis! And I can't help wondering how awful it would be for you if you were still living next to the neighbors from Hell :)


Coral said...

I really have no idea how you manage!! All that shovelling!

We had a bit of snow in June - in SA, the first in about 25 years - and that reminded me how much I hate snow!! I did put photos on my blog! But they are nothing compared to your drift photos!!

Rene la Frog said...

Burrrrrr Cooooooold. Makes me glad I live in the desert in the winter (will be a different story this summer). We got some rain over the weekend but the mountain got snow and it is so pretty to look at.

Christine H said...

My boys would love your bunny hills for snowboarding. Unfortunately, we get snow and than it all melts. They have not been to happy this year. They got new snowboards at Christmas and have used them twice.

Barbara said...

It looks so pretty, but I am quite happy to no longer have to deal with any of it. Your snowblower is a true godsend!
Barb in TX (where it's sunny and a balmy 61 degrees at 5:30pm)

Sharon said...

Your house looks like a winter wonderland! Very pretty-though I am sure the snow is driving you crazy. I hope your Dad will do well Meari!

Julie R said...

I love the look of the snow, but don't like the hardhips it causes. I havent had piles like that since I lived in Iowa. We had a couple of blizzards in Wyoming and one here, but they were gone pretty quickly. I don't envy you all the white sutff.

madcapmel said...

Oh wow your snow looks fabulous...in Australia for the last 3 months of Summer it been really hot...we have had 23 consecutive days of over 35 degrees and we have quite a few 45 degrees thrown in for good measure too....at night it will get down to around the 25 degree mark which is still hot....When i win the lottery over here i am going to buy a home that gets snow like that...i have only been to the snow twice in my life and iam 39...i have always wanted a White Christmas instead of the Blazing Hot one we always seem to get...Ah well you all would love our heat and i dare say a lot of us would like the cool...funny how everyone wants what they cant have....