Feb 29, 2008

It's Official...

The “mountain”... maybe I should give it a name... Mt. Meari, perhaps?... is taller than me. My poor yard light is barely sticking out of the side of the mountain. Ahhh, more of the white stuff. Will it ever end? We received another 1½-2 inches of snow last night.

It’s a good 30 minute drive from the hospital to my parent’s house. The rural roads are still covered in ice, as the counties are either out or running low on salt. Talk about a fun drive while snowing! I dropped my Mom off, and then still had to drive another 15-20 minutes to get home.

Only... yes, *only* took me an hour and a half to clean my driveway this morning before work. Have I said how much appreciate the snowblower?? Yes, indeed! My new best friend! LOL


gail said...

....after this winter, I think the snowblower deserves a name... lol

Jenna said...

I agree with gail; you're gonna have to give that puppy a name after this!