Feb 18, 2008

Monday Update 2/18/08

We didn’t get the 6-8” of snow forecasters were calling for, but we did get LOTS of rain and freezing rain on Sunday. I almost fell on my rear end three times trying to get Celeste to the back yard. It snowed briefly, but only enough to put a light coating over the ice. While it was snowing, it spread a bunch of salt so I could get out the driveway today. We got so much rain that it seeped into the garage and froze there. I had to shovel ice and water out of my garage! In the county east of me, they’re experiencing major flooding problems due to the rain and ice.

Back to the ER
Brother #2 took my Dad to the ER Friday afternoon. Same problem as before. Having trouble breathing. Apparently, the hospital is having a difficult time figuring out the problem. By Saturday, he was feeling better and they wanted to keep him for testing and observation. On Sunday, he came home… AMA (against medical advice).

Pleasant Surprises
All the stores are a President’s Day sale. Since I’ve lost weight, all my clothes are very baggy, so I thought I’d go and see what was available. Career wear was on sale for 40-50% off, so with an armload of clothes I trotted back to the dressing room. I picked sizes that were a bit smaller than I normally wore… only to find out they were TOO BIG! I ended up buying two pairs of slacks that were 4 sizes smaller than what I wore prior to last summer. I haven't worn a Size 10 since high school! I also got two sweaters in small/medium when normally I would wear a large. How’s that for a nice surprise?!

That Darn Shoulder
All I can figure is that I must’ve inflamed my T1 vertebrae when I unloaded the four 50lb. bags of salt from the trunk of my car on Saturday. By Saturday evening, the pain in my neck and shoulder was back. The only remedy is to lie down and keep pressure off the vertebrae. Still in pain on Sunday, all I did was lay on the sofa. It really is a big inconvenience when I have things to do – like study for my B-Law test, and stitching the RR.


Carol R said...

Great to hear of your weight loss and to go down 4 sizes absolutely brilliant - well done.

Sorry to hear of the problem with your shoulder. Hope it improves soon.

Jennifer said...

Way to go with the smaller sizes!!! Doesn't it just feel wonderful?

katrien said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Hope your shoulder feels better soon

Nancy said...

Congrats on the smaller size, I know how that feels, although I have crept back up a size :0! I can sympathize with the stubborn Dad thing too! We got the RAIN yesterday, even though I am north of you and have wet carpet once again in the basement. When will spring get here?????

Marita said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I hope your dad is on the mend now.