Feb 19, 2008


The icy breath of Old Man Winter has descended upon the upper midwest. The past two days have been very, very cold and blustery. I tried to shovel the ice... Yes, ICE... (on two different occassions) from my driveway yesterday. After 10-15 minutes, my fingers were going numb in my gloves. After all the rain that fell on Sunday, I still have a sheet of frozen ice in my garage!! I'm not alone, however... I heard my neighbor chipping away at hers with a spade. A coworker said her garage door was frozen shut due to the freezing rain. Later this week, forecasters are saying we will be hitting records lows. Ahhhh.... The joys of winter.


Chiloe said...

Snow, ice: seems it's a good year for you !!! lol How are the roads conditions? Not too bad?

The movie was the girly one of course :-D with Jennifer garner !

Deirdre said...

I don't have school tomorrow due to those record lows:) I'm jumping for joy! though I am glad to stay inside.