Feb 14, 2008

NIU Shooting

Around 3pm today, a gunman dressed in black opened fire on 150 students in Cole Hall at Northern Illinois University. The shooting began and ended within a matter of 2 minutes. Within an hour police had the entire campus "swept" and determined he was the only gunman. 18 students were hit by bullets or flying debris. 4 are in critical condition, with head and chest wounds. Students were taken to 3 area hospitals.

After the shooting, the gunman shot himself. Authorities know his identity and that he was not a student at NIU. He had a glock, shotgun, and small handgun. The handgun has not been recovered. Motive is not known.

The campus was secure within minutes, but classes are cancelled until further notice.

This college is one of the ones I was/am considering transfer to once I finish my last few classes for my accounting degree. My firm hires a lot of graduates from NIU. This event sends chills down my spine. :(


Katie said...

You were the first person I thought of when I heard this news. I'm so sorry that this has happened! I'm so thankful you weren't near there! I was concerned!

Deirdre said...

It's worse when it is soooo close to home! I wondered if it was close to you! Glad you are safe.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this, and am so, so sorry you're having to deal with this tragedy. I just don't understand people, sometimes. Prayers for your community.


Cindy said...

I first heard about this at work this afternoon. Several of my coworkers are alumni of NIU and / or have siblings still going to school there. It was one of the schools that I seriously considered when I decided to go to grad school a few years back.

It is a horrible tragedy, and especially sobering when it hits so close to home.